Putting the “Recovery” in “Recovering Academics”

As the title of this post (and our blog) indicates, Erica and I both live with chronic health issues. When we were brainstorming ideas for the relaunch one of the first we landed upon was exploring this process of moving through life with illness as a constant companion. This post is the first in a … Continue reading Putting the “Recovery” in “Recovering Academics”

The Double-Edged Sword: Fear and Apathy in Donald Trump’s America

*Disclaimer: This blog post utilizes the author’s experience with abuse as an illustration of the dangers of apathy and fear to individuals suffering under the control of a malignant personality. It is not the author’s intention to identify a specific individual, or to make libelous or defamatory statements against any individual. All efforts have been … Continue reading The Double-Edged Sword: Fear and Apathy in Donald Trump’s America

The Life and Times of a Badass

In the second part of our philobservations on the process (and industry) of self-actualization which has taken the past two generations by storm, this week Erica has written a review of Jen Sincero's best-seller, You are a Badass. As with all things Recovering Academic, this is book review-as-self-reflection; Erica examines the life experiences which she … Continue reading The Life and Times of a Badass

Homes, Apologies, Comedies, Fears, Taboozled

Dear Reader, What follows is the first in a regular series Erica has dubbed "Philobservations:" a wonderful coinage which encompasses the philosophical observations we all make about the weirdness of life. This is piece is by her, as are the images. Enjoy, like, comment, share! You can learn a lot about someone by seeing the … Continue reading Homes, Apologies, Comedies, Fears, Taboozled